Board Members

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Brad Roos, President

Brad Roos is a Rockford native with Chemistry degrees from the University of Illinois/Champaign-Urbana where he then taught high school. For more than 40 years Brad has been doing neighborhood and community development work with most of his work focused on affordable housing development using sustainable building design. He has also served in leadership and consulting roles in the Rockford area and in Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota and Washington State.

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Jason Holcomb, Treasurer

Jason has a passion for sustainability rooted in a community health perspective. Having worked many years in the mental health and disability sector, Jason sees health equity as fundamental to the sustainability of a community. Throughout his career, Jason has used innovative approaches to solving social problems. He has been trained in multiple collaborative approaches and brings a collaborative innovation lens to project development and community building.

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Bryan Amezquita

Bryan Amezquita believes sustainable practices are critical to longevity for organizations and our world. He likes to be involved with organizations that he feels he can make the most impact for our community. If Bryan is not working on ventures or traveling then he is spending quality time with his family and friends. Bryan graduated from Harlem H.S., Rock Valley College , and earned his Bachelor’s Degree at Rockford University. His career background is in education as a teacher and a small business owner.

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Jeffrey D. Bailey

Professional experience working in both for/nonprofit industries from start-up to corporate, government, and healthcare performing task in operations, administration, strategic planning development, and implementation. Economic advocate, volunteer performed over 1500 hours in healthcare, engaged in green energy, CEJA legislation. Current Committee’s: ComED (Community of Future), R1 Climate Resiliency Forum, RPS 205 Advisory Curriculum Committee, WGC (Westgate Coalition) member, Board member Sustain Rockford, and NICNE (Northern Illinois Center Nonprofit Excellence.Education, Rockford University-Business Administration, Appointed to 13 th Ward Alderman city council by Mayor.

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Francisca French

Francisca is an advocate for environmental sustainability and believes in the urgent need to protect and preserve our planet for future generations. With a professional background in economic development, Francisca understands the importance of strengthening communities and the crucial role that sustainability plays in mitigating the impact of unhealthy changes to our ecosystem. She believes that through education and advocacy, we can raise awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability and inspire positive change in both individual and collective behavior. Francisca holds a Bachelor of Science from Howard University and an MBA from The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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Allyson Rosemore

Allyson (they/them) is a first generation urban vegetable farmer stewarding land right in the heart of Rockford. Their passion for environmental justice is multifaceted and includes sources like: a commitment to building food sovereignty in our community, their lifelong and joyous relationship with nature, and the belief that none of us is free while our home suffers the ongoing effects of an extractive, exploitative economy.

When they aren't growing food and collecting your compostables, Allyson can often be found educating folks of all ages about agriculture and food at Angelic Organics Learning Center. You'll also find them leading the youth group and co-leading the Ecological Justice Team at Rockford's Unitarian Universalist church. If they aren't busy with professional and volunteer activities, Allyson is probably hiding in the woods with their wife and dog. But if you can find them, ask about their new pursuit of woodworking, how celebrating the pagan wheel of the year grounds their environmental work, or fungi's queer audacity.