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Important Notice

Sustain Rockford has been selected as one of 10 organizations Statewide as a

Grassroots Education Organization

primarily to service the Rockford and surrounding  areas

Sustain Rockford will be setting up in the next week a separate website


to provide information and regional programing information regarding our educational and outreach activities for this program.

For local information and contact:  ISFA-Rockford@comcast.net

There are 10 Organizations that have been selected statewide

A listing of all of the organizations are on the Illinois Solar For All website.


These organizations will be conducting outreach campaigns across Illinois, focusing their work in Environmental Justice Communities in Chicago, Moline, Decatur, Jasper, Lawrence, East St. Louis, and several other cities and towns across the state. Together their reach will cover cities and towns in Northern, Central, and Southern Illinois as well as 16 rural counties in Central and Southern Illinois.

Their role is to educate Illinois residents, non-profit/public facility staff, and workforce providers on the basics of solar and the benefits available through the Illinois Solar for All program. These Grassroots Education Organizations are trusted members of their communities, and they will utilize various outreach methods such as canvassing, open houses, and workshops to make residents, non-profit/public facility staff, and workforce providers aware of the program and how they can participate in it.

The Illinois Solar for All program (ILSFA) is a low-income solar incentive program made possible by Public Act 99-0906 and developed by the Illinois Power Agency (IPA). ILSFA provides low-income and Environmental Justice Communities with ready access to clean energy by creating an incentive structure that promotes solar development benefiting low-income households and non-profit and public facilities that serve low-income communities.

For further overall program information, contact overall Program Administrator Elevate Energy at


The website for the full ISFA Program is:


We encourage your accessing this website for extensive information about this innovative and potentially valuable to you opportunities.


About Sustain Rockford Inc.

Sustain Rockford was incorporated in Illinois on August 14, 2018 for Charitable, Educational, and Civic purposes

It is an IRS Recognized Not for Profit under Code 501 (C) (3)

We meet at Katie’s Cup 502 7th Street Rockford 61104 in the Midtown District of Rockford on the second Monday of the Month

We intend to have 10 Board Members representing  the various parts of Sustainability each related to our Mission and vision.

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Contact: Ckolodziej1@comcast.net


Our Previous Goals as of December 2017

Sustain Rockford a Regional Not For Profit Organization  based in Rockford Illinois

The Sustainability Working Group is working to assist in the creation of a permanent, funded, civically informed and publicly accountable platform which will enable our community to become more measurably sustainable by objective, widely accepted standards.